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The importance of impartiality and accuracy

The Internet offers a vast number of resources available to help you to know more about the situation of non-citizens in Latvia (and also the Baltic countries). For instance, the below video is a good example.

Russia Today , an English TV network operating from Russia, reported on the situation of non-citizens back in 2008.

It is a good piece with plenty of interviewees and a lot of colour, but lacks of impartiality and accuracy. We are only seeing one side of the debate / controversy, for all the interviews are people involved in promoting their rights.

Plus the piece gives limited background to understand the issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking sides, as you could have seen if you have been following this blog. I am trying to analyse and understand the problem deeply, so I can offer a the best output possible with my final piece.

We have to bear in mind important issues that the reporter in the above video, I assume, forgot to tell her audience… History, politics, language and economics play important roles and should help us to understand the problem a lot better.

Impartiality and/or accuracy are vital for journalists, especially when we deal with topics like this, which affect many citizens in Latvia. Hence my aim is to tell you all about non-citizens’ life, people who have naturalised over the last years and of course try to understand why after 20 years since Latvia regained its independence there are more than 326,000 people holding an alien passport in the Baltic country.


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