I am unafraid of the challenge, and with vast experience broadcasting for national radiostations and television, and working as the regional correspondent for the main Spanish news agency. I am currently trained at University College Falmouth while working freelancing for different media outlets both Spanish and British.

My name is Rubén Martínez and I am Spanish multimedia journalist who is fascinated by frameworks in international politics, I have an insatiable curiosity and a eye for new stories. Curiosity bit me when I got to know about non-citizens in the Baltic countries, especially in Latvia. Hence I decided that the topic would do for a great TV piece.

Therefore, I am working on a twenty minute TV documentary that will be analyzing the situation of non-citizens in Latvia, shaped over the years, in part, by Latvia-Russia’s historical ties.

Taking advantage of the new technologies, I want to make this project as multimedia as possible, so from this blog, I will be posting the process of making the documentary, putting down my thoughts and small contributions to understand what happens in the Baltic country with this community, which represents 14.5% of the Latvian population.

But I am not alone in this wonderful adventure; Latvian photographer Igor Trepeshchenok is joining me. We will be traveling throughout the enchanted forests and coasts in this secret European spot during summer to analyse the problem.

Igor, who is currently studying Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University College in Cornwall, is a participant ofseveral joint exhibitions in Latvia and Russia and also a two time participant of The International Summer School of Photography during which he was attending Black and White Photography workshop and Photojournalism and Print Media workshops led by photography professionals of international standing. His diligence and photographs exposed in the school have been recognized not only by the teachers and students of the school, but also by Latvian largest newspaper Diena.

This will (and already is) a fantastic journey that will let you know more about what I like to call ‘Soviet Heritage’ in Latvia. We hope you get on board and join in the adventure!


9 responses to “About

  1. Hi!
    Interesting object of research! If you need somebody here, in Latvia, who could give you support, feel free to contact me.
    Best wishes and good luck by your project!
    Inese Barbare

    • Ruben Martínez

      Hi Inese!
      Many thanks for your comment! I have pretty much arranged, but it would be great to grab a coffee some time and have a chat, if you are up for it!
      Rubén Martínez

  2. Dagnis

    Are you sure hi is latvian photographer? Sure?

  3. Ruben Martínez

    Hi Dagnis!

    Yes, I am 100% sure. Why are you asking such question?

  4. Dagnis

    Ok! Let’s hope hi talk latvian! 🙂 Then,,,, respect!

  5. Alex

    I have just found out your blog. I haven´t read so much about it but I am going to read as a great fan!Coming of you it has be so much interesting and I am going to learn a lot.
    This afternoon I received a bad new for me but I think is a very good new for you and I´m so glad about it. Good luck in your new stage. I hope the beginning of a successful career for you.
    Don´t forget you have left me alone in our Russian lessons!
    A big hug from a Spanish friend of Riga!

  6. Ana Flávia Siqueira

    Hi Ruben.
    My name is Flávia and I’m Brazilian.
    I’m doing my university final paper about Latvian’s non-citizen, and this blog is a great source search for me (the publications part is AMAZING!!), and your documentary…no words to define!!

    Maybe can I send some questions for you about your experience in Latvia for you to clarify some doubts that I still have?
    Do you have more publications about this topic that you can share with me?

    Latvian’s non-citizen is a subject almost unknow in Brazil, thats why my difficulty to find solid basis to elaborate my paper.
    I’m sorry to bother you with my requests.

    (Find below my contacts through e-mail and facebook)

    Thank you in advance and I wait for your return.

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