The lull before the storm

Latvija has given me its particular welcoming gift as soon as I walked off the plane; summery and dry weather that make me sweat like a pig 🙂 – I know it can always be worse.

But it has not been the only one.

During my first hours in the Baltic country I was kindly advised that the weather is quite changeable during May and June. In fact, some 30 °C welcomed me to Latvija and I have been told that for the next weeks temperatures are meant to be around 15 °C.

Well, I thought: ”We`ll see how things look like next week…” Wrong!!

 After my three hour nap – believe me, I did need it after a looooong journey from Cornwall to London and from the City to Latvija without sleeping at all – a heavy but short storm took me by surprise. However, the hot and stuffy weather is determined not to leave.

For the moment I am staying in the countryside, in a village called Bārbele in the district of Bauska  (Zemgale). This is going to be my HQ, although I will be staying in many different places throughout Latvija thanks to my host and translator`s contacts.

Anyway, I do need to catch up with my sleep. I am going to have a very tight schedule for the next two weeks; filming, traveling around the country and editing everything…



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