The journey; the beginning

Sv. Pētera baznīca (Riga, Latvia)

Well, I have been posting a lot about the issue I am covering on my documentary so far. But nothing at all about the current situation of the project.

To be honest, I have been working on it for almost six months already. I got to know about non-citizens in Latvia thanks to my partner (she is Latvian) and made up my mind quickly.

Why?? Because pretty much everyone I told about it, knew nothing about 1) Baltic countries 2) Latvia 3) Non-citizens, so I realized there was (and is) an important gap that I can cover.

Believe it or not, I have come across some individuals who have questioned my decision.

They said: “Why should I care about it?”.

It seems to me that nowadays one HAS to go to a poor country (ie any in Africa) to shoot a journalistic documentary. But I would like to quote a friend of mine in the trade…

“Why should I go to a poor country to patronise people there?”

Altogether, it made me feel even more stronger and sure of my decision. Europe offers plenty of opportunities for journalist to develop their work. We tend to take for granted that Europe is an uniform continent where several countries (especially those who joined the EU the last) have a completely different background to what we know as Western states.

Therefore, we have to bear in mind that no everyone enjoys the same standards of life and accessibility to necessary services.

Anyway, I know I took the right decision and I am going to prove it with my final output. Yet, I have plenty of things to sort out, the main ones are already arranged. The most important interviewees have booked me some of their time and I have even contacted non-citizens whose cases are being dealt at an international level.

So far so good… Keep following me to see how things go!!


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One response to “The journey; the beginning

  1. You’re right Ruben, I had no idea about this story at all before you started working on it, all of these countries in the Eastern “new Europe” are completely unknown. I was going to say that we only have stereotypes, but I don’t even know enough about them to come up with a stereotype that would be unique from Russian.

    All of this is really fascinating, I’m really looking forward to the end product.

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