5 articles on Social Integration in Latvia


1.- Saeima member Ainar Slesers proposes granting Latvian citizenship to foreigners who donate EUR 1 million. Slesers (For A Good Latvia) considers this a measure that will increase the country’s income and allow wealthy foreigners apply for Latvian citizenship. According to the MP there could be “up to 10,000 families” who could receive the Latvian passport. (Read more)


2.- Campaigners in Latvia want Russian to be the state second language. The Baltic country has over 750,000 inhabitants who use Russian as a first language and the majority of the native Latvians understand this language. Now, “United Latvia” youth movement has urged the Latvian government to grant Russian the status of official language. (Read more)


3.Even the NGO “For a mother tongue” has joined the political party and they are collecting signatures to launch a national referendum. They need at least 10,000 signatures. (Read more)


4.- PBLA (Pasaules Briivo Latviesu Apvieniiba) unhappy with Saeima over failure to defend Latvian in workplace. In a letter to the Latvian Parliament Chairperson, Martins Sausins of the PBLA expressed regret at the Saeima’s failure to strengthen the status of the Latvian language. (Read more)

5.- Latvian PM against marking remembrance day of Latvia Waffen SS legion and V-day. Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has said the celebration of these two days (on March 16 and May 9) split Latvian society, so the country should not mark the dates. (Read more)


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