First steps of this ‘baby’


Flag of Latvia

I set up this blog a month ago with a clear target in mind; give voice and words to all issue surrounding my next professional project, a twenty minute documentary on non-citizens in Latvia 20 years after the USSR collapsed.

During this period of time I got to introduce the problem to everyone, keep on reading on the subject and sort out different production issues such as interviews and plane tickets. For instance, I will be flying up to Riga (from London) on June 10th. My return ticket has July 4th printed on. So it will be almost four weeks on the ground to film throughout the country, get my interviews done and get deeper knowledge on the subject.

I want to find out more about non-citizens’ life in the Baltic country, as well as trying to analyse the reasons why there still are around 350 000 people (14.5 % of Latvia’s population) without a passport that identifies them as so, limiting their rights in some ways.

I know June is still far, but there is a lot to be done yet for my project. From this blog I will try to keep you all updated on my adventures, general information to bear in mind and topics on the subject that make the headlines.

However, the most important thing is that Social Integration in Latvia has already taken its first steps alongside over 300 visitors that have got a showed their interest in it during this time. Big thanks to all them and I hope you all enjoy the process that will shape this project. Don’t hesitate to post your comments and ideas!!


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