Aim of the blog

The Riga Castle housing the home of the Latvian President


Twenty years ago, the USSR collapsed. This opened up a new world not only within international frameworks but within the bloc of Eastern countries in Europe. Among them Latvia.

The Baltic country regained its full independence in August 1991, opening the doors to a new era. However, the legacy of the USSR was and is vast. One of the most important was former Soviet citizen who both Russia and Latvia denied their national passport. It was a crack on the wall Latvian society was building up.

Twenty years later, the crack is still visible in this Baltic society. Non-citizens, minority communities, amendments in Education and Citizenship laws, language policies,… Who is to blame?

As part of the most important challenge in my professional life, I am working on twenty minutes TV documentary that will be analyzing why Latvian society is still divided. From this blog, I will be posting the process of the news documentary while sharing with you interviews, interesting link and possible contributions from external sources.


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